One third-grade teacher, Bill Vasileff, decided to test Calm Classroom’s effectiveness as part of a science project with his students. He and his class tested students’ heart rates before and after doing Calm Classroom exercises, and they found that on average, students’ heart rates went down five beats per minute. That’s amazing!


Here’s a short video where Mr. Vasileff discusses his research and experience with Calm Classroom:




Narrator: By the way, one interesting side note, we now have scientific evidence about Calm Classroom, thanks to Mr. Vassilev and his third-grade class, who took on testing the concept as a science project.


Bill Vasileff, Abess Park Teacher: So what we want to do is test the student’s heart rate before and after doing the Calm Classroom. And we notice that on average, the student’s heart rate went down five beats per minute after implementing the Calm Classroom, which was really cool to see that there was actually scientific evidence, built into the Calm Classroom.