Focusing our attention on peaceful mental imagery can help us to relax our bodies and experience a more positive state of mind in any moment.


In this mindful practice, you will visualize a calming color and share it with yourself and with the world. You may use this script to lead others in the practice or move through it on your own.  


Color Caring


Take a moment to get comfortable in a seated position. 


Gently close your eyes. 


Bring your attention into your body. 


Notice the air moving in and out of your nose. 


Notice your feet, hands and head. 


Notice your heart beating in your chest.


Now, bring to mind a color that represents peacefulness, calmness, happiness, or inspiration. (Wait 5-10 seconds)


Begin by visualizing that color within you, surrounding your heart. (Wait 5-10 seconds)


Visualize the color surrounding your whole body, as if you were inside of a colorful bubble. (Wait 5-10 seconds)


Now, see if you can imagine the color moving throughout your room and home.  


See your color spreading throughout your neighborhood and community, like gentle, flowing waves of light.


Share this color with your country.  Imagine its brightness surrounding your country and all of the people in it. 


Think about our planet. Home to all of the people, animals and living things.  Envision this color and what it means to you, surrounding our planet with this color. (Wait 10-20 seconds)


Notice how it feels to share this color with others.  (Wait 5-10 seconds)


Bring your attention back to your breathing. Notice it moving in and out of your body. (Wait 5-10 seconds)


Carry this feeling, the color you chose and its meaning with you for the rest of the day, week, month, or however long you’d like.  It is yours and you are powerful. 


When you feel ready, slowly open your eyes.