We all experience stress, but sometimes it can be hard to know when to stop and take care of ourselves.


Over time, neglecting to manage your stress can lead to muscle tension, irritability, worry and eventually illnesses like anxiety, depression and high blood pressure.


Mindful.org has created a simple practice to guide you next time you need to stop and gain a little peace and presence of mind.


S – Stop what you’re doing. Find a place to sit quietly and comfortably.


T – Take a few deep breaths. Notice the feeling of the air moving in and out of your nose.


O – Observe your experience just as it is. Notice how you feel. Allow yourself to feel that feeling. Do a quick scan of your body. Notice any sensations that arise.


P – Proceed with something that will support you in the moment. If you have 3 minutes, practice a Calm Classroom technique!


Calm Classroom techniques can help you and your students practice stopping throughout the school day to relax, take a break, build self-awareness, and re-energize your minds and bodies.


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