While it’s important to be informed right now, too much information can feel overwhelming at times. To maintain our mental, physical and emotional wellbeing, let’s consider 3 ways we can consume the news in a more mindful way:

  • Set boundaries. Choose a time frame when you can check the news each week. Many feel better when they read the news earlier in the day, before the sun goes down. Set a time limit. 5-10 minutes should be all you need. 
  • Get the facts. Seek out information from more objective sources like the CDC or WHO.
  • Use media consumption to promote kindness, connection and inspiration. Read ‘solutions-based’ journalism that lets you know what’s being done to solve the problem effectively. Then share these stories with friends and family. Check out the Solutions Journalism Network, Good News Network, Kindling and The Good News Movement for stories that encourage hope and agency by reporting uplifting news from around the world. 

If you read something that feels scary or stress-provoking, engage in a comforting activity or take a moment to clear your mind. You might call a friend, look at a non-news related blog, go for a walk, write in a journal, pray or meditate.